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MaryJanesFarm Magazine

MaryJanesFarm Magazine

MaryJanesFarm is an organic lifestyle magazine for women, full of simple, healthy and creative ideas for the home and family.

The new MaryJanesFarm is an organic lifestyle magazine that aims to bring the healthy, safe homegrown aspects of farm girl living into everyone’s daily life. MaryJanesFarm connects every woman to her inner farm girl, empowering readers to live healthy, productive, and authentic lives. This educated, affluent, and family oriented audience delights in the simple pleasures and creative challenges of cooking, home decorating, gardening, quilting and other treasured homemade crafts. Whether in a farmhouse, townhouse or condo, our readers embrace the modern farm girl’s way of life. MaryJanesFarm has become an essential, trusted resource for cutting- edge women who desire to make organic and more purposeful living a reality.

Each issue features tasty and nutritious recipes from MaryJane’s kitchen, many made with the organic ingredients grown on her farm; creative handmade projects recalling methods and tools of the past to make new treasures today; ingenious and inexpensive decorating tips to freshen up your home; and so much more!

Editorial & Photo Credit: MaryJanesFarm Magazine's website.

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Belvoir Media Group LLC

Launched with a single title in 1972, Belvoir Media Group has served the needs of active enthusiasts in a wide range of interest areas for more than three decades.

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