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Innovative Home Magazine

Innovative Home magazine is the newest quarterly publication designed to inspire and inform the modern homeowner.

Recently launched in 2006, Innovative Home draws inspiration from the advancing designs and technologies shaping the housing industry of the future.

Innovative Home is the green authority for today’s modern homeowner and industry professional. Drawing from ideas that are shaping housing of the future, Innovative Home not only inspires and informs the design-build professional but also offers the consumer an insider look at tomorrow’s smart technology, inventive materials, and progressive designs. With a strong emphasis on all things green, Innovative Home’s editorial focuses on four key elements: progressive materials, avant-garde design, smart technology, and green building.

Featuring avant-garde architecture, progressive materials, smart technology and "green" products and processes, the magazine presents the reader, with inspiring ideas, practical solutions and informative stories. Page after page explores new technologies, materials and processes, examines the associated costs and informs the reader how to use them in his/her own projects.

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