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Austin Fit Magazine

Austin Fit Magazine

Founded in 1997, Austin Fit Magazine emerged as Austin's first and only health and fitness magazine.

Austin Fit emerged as a magazine with bold ambition and a powerful mission - to improve the lives of its readers through entertaining and informative health and fitness content. Despite relatively humble beginnings, Austin Fit Magazine has gradually grown into what it is today - a reliable resource for Austinites looking to develop, achieve and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Creating an award-winning look and feel, compelling content, and a campaign for outreach that includes local events, like-minded businesses, and even city government, AFM has raised the bar for what a local publication can be. Now celebrating more than 13 years in publishing, AFM has established itself as an exceptional advertising medium for local, regional, and national businesses, as well as a source for high-quality local media, marketing, and editorial coverage.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Austin Fit Magazine's website.

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