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B.L.A.C. Detroit Magazine

B.L.A.C. Detroit Magazine

Black Life, Arts & Culture. B.L.A.C. is the premiere lifestyle magazine for African Americans in and around Detroit.

After 10 years of publishing, African American Family magazine has transformed into B.L.A.C., an acronym for Black Life, Arts & Culture. Every month, we honor and celebrate the wisdom, creativity, beauty and ingenuity of the African Diaspora in metro Detroit.

We cover the people, places and issues of importance to our community. We strive to be inclusive of the entire African Disapora in our region, covering African descendants of various national and ethnic backgrounds. We also empower readers with the information they need to fully appreciate and enjoy metro Detroit. We are committed to providing our target audienceóranging in age from the late 20s to the upper 50sówith engaging, high quality editorial and visual content.

Editorial & Photo Credit: B.L.A.C. Detroit Magazine's website.

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