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Atlantic, The Magazine

Atlantic, The Magazine

News and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international, and life. Exploring the American Idea since 1857.

The Atlantic is a national magazine devoted current events, literature, technology, culture, and foreign affairs.

The Atlantic is America's leading destination for brave thinking and bold ideas that matter. With an all-star roster of writers and thinkers covering the world's most intriguing topics, The Atlantic is the source of opinion, commentary, and analysis for the country's most influential individuals.

Since 1857, The Atlantic has shaped the national debate on politics, business, international affairs, and cultural trends. Dedicated to bold voices, independent thinking, and intelligent discourse, the magazine and its website,, deliver fresh perspectives on America and the world. Our writers, bloggers, and critics include James Fallows, Jeffrey Goldberg, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alexis Madrigal, Mark Bowden, Robert Kaplan, and more.

The Atlantic is the country's most iconic and influential magazine. Boasting an envied roster of the country's finest journalists and over 20 National Magazine Awards (and 85 nominations), The Atlantic is home to bold, powerful, and innovative ideas that engage and energize the country's most influential leaders. Regular columns including Business, Technology, Travel, Food & Drink, and Entertainment complement The Atlantic's signature well of deeply reported long-form articles that address an incredibly diverse range of topic matter.

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Atlantic Media

Atlantic Media is an American magazine publishing and media company. Atlantic Media is dedicated to equipping opinion leaders with breakthrough ideas and original insights.

Atlantic Media

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