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Strictly Slots Magazine

Strictly Slots Magazine

Strictly Slots reaches a unique gaming audience interested in the latest slot products, casino promotions, slot club programs and tournaments.

Jackpot hunters across the country swear by Strictly Slots, the nation's only magazine written exclusively for slot and video poker players—the largest, most lucrative customer segment in the gaming industry!

Strictly Slots analyzes, illustrates and rates every new slot and video poker machine on the market, and tells readers how to use winning strategies to keep them playing longer, with: Tips to maximize comps, Slot club promotions and tournaments, Bankroll strategies, Benefits and direct mail programs, Casino interviews, VIP slot lounges & high-limit clubs, Jackpot winners.

Every month, Strictly Slots reveals the most detailed slot payout percentage charts ever made available to the public, listed casino by casino and by jurisdiction.With its highly graphic layouts and informative articles written by gaming’s top experts, Strictly Slots is the magazine most trusted by savvy slot and video poker players.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Strictly Slots Magazine's website.

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Strictly Slots Magazine Publisher:

Casino Player Publishing LLC

Casino Player Publishing is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving Gaming enthusiasts. Casino Player Publishing produces and operates Casino Player and Strictly Slots magazines.

Casino Player Publishing LLC

Casino Player Publishing LLC also publishes...

Casino Player

America's Gaming Lifestyle Magazine

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