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Garden & Gun Magazine

Garden & Gun Magazine

The best in Southern food, travel, music, art, style, sporting life, and more.

Garden & Gun is the only magazine that moves from the sporting life to lush land and gardens, from architectural pursuits to adventurous travel, from food and drink to visual splendor.

Garden & Gun is an idea about how to live a life that is more engaged with the land, the literature, the music, the arts, the traditions, and the food. It is about appreciating the richness of the South and knowing how that understanding can enrich one’s life and translate beyond Southern geography.

Garden & Gun is a lifestyle brand anchored by its award-winning national magazine, Garden & Gun that covers the best of the South, including the sporting culture, the food, the music, the art, the literature, the people and their ideas. With a national audience of over 700,000 passionate and engaged readers, the magazine has won numerous awards for its journalism, design, and overall excellence. The publication was launched in the Spring of 2007.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Garden & Gun Magazine's website.

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