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East Coast Home + Design Magazine

East Coast Home + Design Magazine

East Coast Home + Design is the first luxury home magazine to circulate in and around the tri-state area which includes New Jersey, New York & Connecticut with one issue.

We were the first to re-construct traditional circulation methods to give advertisers the best of all possible readership across all platform. Our readers are avid purchasers of luxury home furnishings, home remodeling products, interior design services, watches and jewelry, designer fashion, art and antiques, luxury automobiles, salon and spa services, travel, entertainment and other products reflecting a true luxury lifestyle.

East Coast Home + Design is here to help you stretch your marketing imagination beyond the “tired” and true. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and above all, we pride ourselves on bringing our clients demonstrable results. East Coast Home + Design is published six issues per year.

The magazine also offers, Design Wall technology - a virtual idea guide to the consumer that allows our trade partners to showcase their current projects immediately upon completion.

Editorial & Photo Credit: East Coast Home + Design Magazine's website.

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East Coast Home + Design Magazine Publisher:

East Coast Home Publishing

East Coast Home Publishing was created in 2003 to provide our readers with interesting, pertinent content partnered with beautiful visuals in a variety of topics and special interests. East Coast Home Publishing produces and operates East Coast Home + Design and W2W Magazines.

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