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Card Player Magazine

Card Player Magazine

Card Player is the authority on poker multimedia, poker strategy, and poker tournament coverage.

The definitive publication for poker. Published biweekly, for a total of 26 issues per year. Card Player has a current distribution of over 45,000 copies per issue, including 11,000 paid subscribers.

Card Player is dedicated to poker players of all skill levels, ranging from beginner to professional. Whether speaking to our audience through Card Player magazine or the website, the content is fresh and focused on those like us who love the game of poker. Our readers are serious about poker, and so are we.

Card Player, “The Poker Authority,” captures the gaming lifestyle like no other publication. Featured players have won millions in lifetime earnings and are the rock stars of the gambling industry. Their fans emulate them by traveling to vacation destinations to play poker and by spending freely on fashions, accessories, and electronics that accompany the excitement of gaming.

Mostly college educated, Card Player readers seek expert strategy and in-depth articles to help them improve their game and become winning players. Many readers have been reading the magazine since its inception in 1988. Card Player has a readership of over 112,500 per month and reaches a very sought-after demographic in the advertising industry.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Card Player Magazine's website.

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