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Empresarios Magazine

Empresarios Magazine

Empresarios Magazine is a source of ideas, trends, business strategies and intelligence.

Empresarios Magazine identifies business leaders, important trends and markets. Stay informed on the companies and executives who make an impact.

Empresarios reaches 10,000 successful entrepreneurs and executives with the disposable income to enjoy life to the fullest. In addition, our readership controls the budgets of companies in manufacturing, tourism, food, construction, retail and service industries in Puerto Rico. Total readership is estimated at 60,000.

Empresarios is distributed among our exclusive executive database. It is also featured at important industry events and conventions and sold at bookstores and over 30 retailers throughout the island.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Empresarios Magazine's website.

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Successful entrepreneurs and executives with the disposable income to enjoy life to the fullest

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Empresarios Magazine Publisher:

MarketNext Inc

MarketNext is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving Business, Gastronomy and Travel audiences. MarketNext produces and operates Empresarios and Foodie magazines.

MarketNext Inc

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