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Tailgater Monthly Magazine

Tailgater Monthly Magazine

Tailgater Monthly is your #1 source for the best tailgating ideas, tips, products, information and recipes.

Tailgater Monthly is the only magazine written by tailgaters... for tailgaters. Throw the best party in the parking lot with tailgater tips, gadgets, grills and news from Tailgater Monthly.

Tailgater Monthly was conceived and founded four years ago by two passionate tailgaters. Though it was a tough time to launch any type of business, they understood that tailgating is a huge phenomenon where hundreds of thousands of men and women spend over a billion dollars each year on tailgating goods and supplies.

Though it started as a print magazine, Tailgater Monthly™ has grown steadily into a multi level platform with print and digital versions, e-newsletters, tailgate tours, sponsored events, custom surveying, list development and product sales. Our mission is to be the primary source of information and entertainment for all things tailgate.

It is our mission to establish grassroots relationships with tailgating clubs and personalities for the purpose of forming a nationally networked tailgating marketing program, including product testing and giveaways from national manufacturers.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Tailgater Monthly Magazine's website.

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