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MuscleMag International Magazine

MuscleMag International Magazine

MuscleMag is North America's leading Bodybuilding magazine.

MuscleMag International digs down deeper to provide relevant and instructional information both on exercise and bodybuilding nutrition for individuals looking to improve their physique, whether or not they intend to step onto the bodybuilding stage. MuscleMag International is designed for serious students of resistance training who are looking for a competitive edge to help them reach their goals in the fastest possible time.

MuscleMag International has rededicated itself to providing a breadth of training and nutrition information that readers can apply in a reader-friendly format that’s highly distinguished from its competitors. We embrace our bodybuilding roots and men and women who are the faces of the sport, both past and present.

MuscleMag International is a monthly publication devoted to both hardcore athletes and recreational bodybuilders who are looking for the latest and most informative training and nutritional advice they can get, MuscleMag International has recruited some of the top names in the sport as well as the fields of exercise science and sports nutrition to present cutting-edge information in a bold new format.

Editorial & Photo Credit: MuscleMag International Magazine's website.

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MuscleMag International Magazine Publisher:

Robert Kennedy Publishing

Formerly the Canusa Publishing Group, Robert Kennedy Publishing (RKP) currently publishes six highly successful magazines with worldwide circulation. MuscleMag International is still going strong, alongside Oxygen, American Curves, Maximum Fitness, Reps! and most recently, Clean Eating.

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