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Reps! Magazine

Reps! Magazine

Reps! magazine ó taking your fitness to the max.

Reps! is dedicated to helping readers who are passionate about bodybuilding and physical fitness achieve results through the regular use of progressive resistance training (free weights and machines) and cardiovascular activity. Itís a personal-training manual that allows each reader to cull tips from top bodybuilders, exercise scientists and sports nutritionists to build a body thatís in shape both inside and out.

Reps! principles are founded on building a healthy lifestyle by combining clean eating, smart supplementation and vigorous exercise to promote fitness, longevity, energy, health, mental well-being and physical excellence. Reps! instructs and motivates readers through the latest research on exercise science and sports nutrition to allow them to excel in their physical endeavors in the fastest time possible.

Reps! readers are doers; theyíre passionate about fitness and overwhelmingly follow a regular routine and maintain a strict, clean diet while taking in the supplements that help them achieve their goals. These individuals are leaders, not followers, for whom fitness isnít just a habit but a lifestyle, whether at the gym or at home. Count on Reps! to deliver cutting-edge weight-training advice, nutritional news and effective fat-burning each issue.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Reps! Magazine's website.

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Reps! Magazine Publisher:

Robert Kennedy Publishing

Formerly the Canusa Publishing Group, Robert Kennedy Publishing (RKP) currently publishes six highly successful magazines with worldwide circulation. MuscleMag International is still going strong, alongside Oxygen, American Curves, Maximum Fitness, Reps! and most recently, Clean Eating.

Robert Kennedy Publishing

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