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Freeskier Magazine

Freeskier Magazine

Skiing's Independent Magazine

FREESKIER is a mutli-platform, multi-channel connection between the ski industry and skiers. Our magazine has defined the cutting edge of skiing for more than 15 years.

Every year our staff creates seven magazines, thousands of photos, countless stories and videos, and we distribute this massive pool of ski content through print, apps, podcast, website, social media and more.

Our audience is comprised of skiing’s ultimate tastemakers, from top professional skiers to shop techs to hardcore enthusiasts who live to ski. FREESKIER is their primary source of information. reaches millions of skiers each year, and the audience is growing rapidly. FREESKIER’S Online Buyer’s Guide sets the industry standard for depth of content, multi-media delivery and user loyalty.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Freeskier Magazine's website.

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Freeskier Magazine Publisher:

Storm Mountain Publishing

Storm Mountain Publishing (SMP) is the Colorado-based publisher of Freeskier and Snowboard magazines, as well as and SMP's print magazines, Freeskier and Snowboard, distribute 840,000 copies annually to 2.5 million readers. Our websites are market leaders in skiing and snowboarding, and reach over 2 million unique skiers and snowboarders every year.

Storm Mountain Publishing also publishes...


The best Products, Places and Personalities in snowboarding.

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