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White Wall Magazine

White Wall Magazine

Whitewall is the only independent art and luxury lifestyle magazine.

Contemporary Art and Luxury Lifestyle magazine that goes beyond gallery walls to reveal the personalities who shape the world of art, fashion and design. The magazine covers art, architecture, design, fashion, culture, & all aspects of an educated, affluent, creative lifestyle.

Published quarterly, Whitewall began to set new standards for high-end, luxury publications with its launch in March 2006. Since then it has gained international acclaim. The magazine aims to go beyond the stark white walls of the art gallery to reveal the personalities that shape the art world and other creative industries. Whitewall delivers an unprecedented intimate experience for the most discerning readers.

Through interviews with contemporary artists, architects, designers, photographers, collectors, and lifestyle personalities,Whitewall makes art and luxury world personalities more accessible to a swiftly growing group of new collectors and luxury lifestyle devotees.

With a circulation of 40,000, we have carefully tailored Whitewall’s distribution to ensure we reach our target audience. Whitewall is available for purchase in a meticulously chosen list of independent retailers and specialty stores, and mailed directly to our exclusive VIP list comprised of top art collectors, art wold VIPs, artists, finance, media and advertising leaders, as well as celebrities. Whitewall is also strategically placed in luxury hotel suites, VIP lounges, private clubs, top contemporary art galleries, and at VIP event media partnerships around the world.

Editorial & Photo Credit: White Wall Magazine's website.

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