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As Lifestyles Magazine enters our fifth decade of leadership in perpetuating, building, documenting and encouraging the culture of philanthropy.

As Lifestyles Magazine enters our fifth decade of serving as a trusted platform for high philanthropy, we are especially pleased to know that our next generation of leaders at the helm of Lifestyles Magazine is working hand in hand with the next generation of philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and venture philanthropists, who are leaders in high engagement philanthropy.

Our core audience, which has steadfastly included those writing the checks that can speed a medical breakthrough, build a university, fill the walls of any gallery, or feed those going hungry in far flung nations, has swelled to welcome the field generals—those directing the labs, designing the campus, painting the portraits, and handing out rice rations. Working together, they are changing the future, today. We are inspired by the example set by all our readers who give generously (and often at great personal sacrifice) to make the world a better place.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Lifestyles Magazine's website.

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