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Marin Magazine

Marin Magazine

Marin Magazine is the only city and regional magazine covering the North Bay, San Francisco and the Wine Country.

Marin is situated between San Francisco and California's wine country and shares a border with San Francisco via the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The county has 13 vibrant towns and cities surrounded by verdant rolling hills, lush redwood forests including those in the famous Muir Woods, beaches for surfing and strolling, Point Reyes National Seashore and Mount Tamal-pais the perfect mountain for hiking and mountain biking as well as the county symbol.

Marin Magazine keeps Marin County, Calif., readers informed on the hot new trends, the latest fashion and home ideas, the most noteworthy social events, and all the cultural richness of Marin, San Francisco, and beyond with sharp, insightful writing and gorgeous photography and artwork. There is virtually no media vehicle that reaches into the community with the depth of coverage that Marin Magazine provides.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Marin Magazine's website.

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Open Sky Media

Open Sky Media publishes city and lifestyle magazines that appeal to affluent readers living in healthy, fast-growing markets. Open Sky Media's titles include Austin Monthly, Austin Home, Gulfshore Business, Gulfshore Life, Marin, San Antonio Magazine, and Slice Magazine.

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