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Smart Homeowner Magazine

Smart Homeowner Magazine

Innovative solutions for creating healthy, efficient, eco-friendly homes.

Smart Homeowner is the leading source for "specify-it-yourself" homeowners and progressive building professionals to get information about efficient, healthy and eco-friendly homes. Since 2001, we have been providing actionable, valuable articles about smart building best practices, new products, technologies and innovative projects.

This makes us an ideal partner for connecting you, your business and your products with the decision makers that are creating the next generation of high performance homes. Our readers are some of the most action-oriented and affluent members of the home building and renovation market. There are a number of ways you can use Smart HomeOwner to target your best prospects and deliver your marketing message including contextual banner advertising, custom editorial sponsorships, white papers, videos and more.

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Ocean Navigator

Your magazine for marine navigation and ocean voyaging.

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