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Arthritis Today Magazine

Arthritis Today Magazine

Arthritis Today is the one of a kind magazine that can help you change people's lives for the better.

Whether they have just a "touch" of arthritis or if their arthritis has a more significant impact on their life, Arthritis Today can help. Each issue is packed full of practical lifestyle information about: nutrition, exercise, weight control and wellness. Arthritis Today is also the trusted authority for medical information about controlling arthritis pain.

Arthritis Today’s mission is to give readers the information, resources and inspiration they need to live better with arthritis. Arthritis Today is published by the Arthritis Foundation, the only nationwide, nonprofit health organization helping people take greater control of arthritis - one of the most common causes of disability. enhances the experience of the media brand by bringing its invaluable content online to a new, ever-growing and engaged audience. The content focus includes conditions, treatments, medications, natural supplements, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, daily living and more to help readers live healthier lives.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Arthritis Today Magazine's website.

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