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Audubon Magazine

Audubon Magazine

Audubon magazine provides a place where nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and socially conscious consumers come to discover and be inspired by the natural world’s extraordinary beauty and diversity.

Audubon magazine's respected editorial voice plays a leading role in shaping our national discourse about environmental issues. Independent research shows that it has the most influential audience of any magazine in the country but one.

For 110 years Audubon magazine’s mission has been to inspire its readers—more than 1.5 million today—to appreciate, understand, and conserve the natural world through the magazine’s signature blend of explanatory and advocacy journalism and vibrant photography. At its best, Audubon measures success by its impact on public policy and personal behavior. Contrary to some popular belief, the magazine focuses not just on birds, but also other wildlife and their habitats.

The magazine’s print content is available for free online, along with additional web-only articles, videos, and podcasts.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Audubon Magazine's website.

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Nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and socially conscious consumers

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