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Poder Magazine

As a premier business magazine, PODER is written for a global audience of influential senior business and political decision-makers.

PODER's in depth, cutting edge editorial coverage and exclusive insider access and information on the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America have made it an influence in the social, economic, political and cultural arenas. As of April 2012, the magazine's circulation topped 400,000 in the United States.

PODER is about Latinos in power - influential, innovative and collaborative leaders in the global effort to create prosperity, increase job opportunities and achieve sustainable development in their own communities, across Latin America, and beyond. Besides the US and Miami editions, PODER magazine is published in Mexico, and Perú. Under a content distribution agreement, PODER also publishes a selection of articles from The Economist.

PODER is published by Page One Media in association with Televisa Publishing.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Poder Magazine's website.

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Page One Media

Page One Media - publishers of PODER magazines.

Page One Media

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