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Menswear Magazine

Menswear Magazine

Read by the world's most discerning men as well as key fashion executives, Menswear offers a behind-the-scenes look at the leading brands and taste-makers in the world of men's wear.

Published four times a year, it features key trends, presents striking fashion portfolios, profiles celebrity and industry players, covers design and technology breakthroughs, and highlights retail hot spots around the world.

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A quarterly magazine for a new class of man who cares deeply about fashion and the story behind it.

Menswear Magazine Publisher:

Fairchild Fashion Media

Fairchild Fashion Media (FFM) is the leading source of fashion news and analysis for industry leaders and the global fashion community. Fairchild Fashion Media publications and online properties include Women's Wear Daily, Beauty Inc, Footwear News,, Menswear and Fairchild Summits.

Fairchild Fashion Media

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A quarterly magazine for a new class of man who cares deeply about fashion and the story behind it. Print

See fashion first. takes its global audience deep inside the world of fashion.

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