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Uptown Magazine

Uptown Magazine

Uptown Magazine is the leading luxury magazine targeting affluent African Americans.

UPTOWN Magazine celebrates the luxury lifestyle of professional and influential urban consumers across the country with city-specific editions in New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Our editorial content, promotion, and brand extensions communicate the appeal of a luxury lifestyle with an authoritative voice and sophisticated design.

Editorial content highlights the best in home décor, automotive, technology, fashion and jewelry, fitness, health and beauty, travel and leisure, food and wine, sports and entertainment, and arts and culture. It also includes provocative profiles of the tastemakers who represent this audience.

With an audited rate base of 250,000, UPTOWN reaches over 900,000 AAA men and women across the country through subscriptions, newsstand sales and direct mail.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Uptown Magazine's website.

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Uptown Magazine Publisher:

Uptown Media Group LLC

Uptown Media Group is a regional consumer-magazine publishing and media company that produces and operates UPTOWN magazines in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, and Charlotte.

Uptown Media Group LLC

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