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CNBC Business Magazine

CNBC Business Magazine

CNBC BUSINESS magazine is the flagship publication of the recognized leader in business and financial news.

CNBC Business is a monthly business magazine that covers – and discovers – the most interesting entrepreneurs hatching the most innovative business models within the most dynamic sectors.

CNBC Business is read by over 670,000 affluent and influential opinion formers each month for its unique take on the innovators and leaders in the most dynamic business sectors. Affiliated to CNBC Television, the world’s largest financial news channel, the magazine is read by CEOs, managing directors and other decision makers across the globe.

CNBC Business has a seven-year track record as one of the most read international monthly business magazines. Far from rubber stamping business as usual, it has always encouraged the game changers, the entrepreneurs and the champions of global free trade. Partnered with leading global financial news broadcaster CNBC Televison, the magazine prides itself on being both a leading business media property and a fine read.

Editorial & Photo Credit: CNBC Business Magazine's website.

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