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Watercolor Artist Magazine

Watercolor Artist Magazine

Watercolor Artist takes you inside the studios of the best and brightest of today's watermedia artists.

Here you'll learn about making art from the inside out—from cultivating that first twinkle of inspiration to pinpointing the materials and techniques you'll need to execute your idea. Plus, each issue brings you the most reliable information available on must-have painting tools and materials, from paint to paper to brushes and beyond. For artists working in watermedia, Watercolor Artist is the definitive source for creative inspiration and technical information.

6 issues/year | Watercolor Artist is the definitive source for artists of all skill levels working in water-based media. Recognized as one of the top 10 visual arts magazines based on Cision U.S., Inc’s research of audited circulation numbers, Watercolor Artist reaches a targeted audience of more than 44,500 artists, 81% of that circulation being paid subscribers. Focusing on techniques, current trends, business advice, and reviews of tools and materials, Watercolor Artist readers learn from the world’s best and brightest watermedia painters.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Watercolor Artist Magazine's website.

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