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Military Trader Magazine

Military Trader Magazine

Military Trader magazine, the definitive monthly publication for military antiques and memorabilia.

Established in 1993, Military Trader is dedicated to the collecting preservation, restoration, study, and display of historic military artifacts. Spanning interests from military uniforms to medals, or helmets to ordnance and weapons, Military Trader is your best source for in-depth techincal articles, artifact profiles, product and hobby news, current values, and show calendar.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Military Trader Magazine's website.

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F+W Media Inc. is the leading provider of magazines, conferences, books, and website for passionate enthusiasts in Antiques & Collectibles, Fine Arts, Crafts, Automotive, Sports, Firearms & Knives, Horticulture, Outdoors, Numismatics, and other markets.

F+W Media Inc.

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