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Details Magazine

Details Magazine

DETAILS is the only magazine to speak directly to affluent, career-driven men forging the trends of their generation.

Details sets the trends that get people talking, breaking the stories that keep you in the know, ahead of the crowd, and at the forefront of the hottest fashion, celebrities, movies, music, ideas, technology, and issues of the day - long before everyone else! With relevant, thought-provoking editorial, portfolio-quality photography and award-winning design, DETAILS stands on the forefront of culture and style.

Details continues to revolutionize the men’s market by providing the blueprint to a new era of masculinity for affluent, educated, metropolitan men. These cultural leaders care about more than just their appearances, with interests ranging from design and art/culture to fashion, grooming and fitness. Details’ smart journalism, unparalleled design aesthetic and actionable service provide everything our reader needs to accessorize his lifestyle and embody the new masculine ideal.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Details Magazine's website.

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Conde Nast

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