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Love Your Life

Redbook magazine is the total-life guide for every woman blazing her own path through adulthood and taking on new roles—wife, mom, homeowner—without letting go of the unique woman she’s worked so hard to become.

We recognize that every ordinary life is extraordinary, and that's why Redbook speaks to all sides of this woman: her sense of style, her sense of self, her sense of community, and, most important, her sense of discovery and optimism about this hectic, thrilling, exciting, and yes, occasionally exhausting stage of life.

Redbook offers a vibrant mix of just-for-her fashion and beauty coverage; get-stuff-done edit (from money and mealtime to health and home); thoughtful features on marriage, relationships, and family; and rich, affirming content to keep her connected to the part of herself that belongs to her and her alone.

Our mission is simple: to help millions of readers face life's complexities and joys with energy, optimism, intelligence, and style—the true trademarks of today's young women.

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