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More Than a Pretty Face: Your destination for fashion finds, beauty tips, dating advice and more.

Marie Claire is your destination for fashion trends, beauty tips, hair color ideas, career advice and more. From engrossing profiles on amazing women to red carpet retrospectives of Hollywood's up-and-comers to reviews of our favorite new books and blogs, we deliver the latest news on what matters most to you.

Marie Claire is more than a pretty face. It is the fashion magazine with character, substance and depth, for women with a point of view, an opinion and a sense of humor. Each issue is edited for a sexy, stylish, confident woman who is never afraid to make intelligence a part of her wardrobe.

Marie Claire is published in 26 countries and is read by more than 15 million worldwide. The magazine was founded in 1937 by French industrialist Jean Prouvost, whose goal was to present the realities of life mixed with fashion and beauty coverage.

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