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ELLE Magazine

ELLE is the number one fashion magazine in the world.

From its always-inspiring fashion and beauty coverage to its thought-provoking mix of culture, controversy and cool, ELLE celebrates women across the globe.

ELLE pledges to make women chic and smart, guide their self-expression, and encourage their personal power. As the brand evolves to fulfill these objectives, we promise to never lose our intelligence, wit, cool, and ability to be ahead of the times.

ELLE’s mission is to influence women’s whole lives, helping them to be chic, smart, and modern. With inteligent, in-depth writing and a razor-sharp curation of fashion that is at once aspirational and accessible, ELLE inspires its readers to build not just personal style, but personal power.

Editorial & Photo Credit: ELLE Magazine's website.

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Hearst Corporation

Hearst Corporation is one of the nation's largest diversified media companies with major focus on newspapers and magazines publishing and distribution, TV production & radio broadcasting, entertainment & syndication, interactive media, business media, real estate and other operations.

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