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Watercolor Magazine

Watercolor Magazine

Watercolor showcases the newest and best watercolor techniques and paintings.

This quarterly magazine covers the gamut -- from the loosest, juiciest paintings to the most refined, detailed pieces.

Since 1986, Watercolor has been helping its readers become accomplished artists working in transparent watercolor, gouache, acrylic, casein, or egg tempera. Don't miss your chance to take advantage of step-by-step demonstrations, fresh ideas, and new techniques. Whether painting is your career or hobby, Watercolor will add to your enjoyment and success!

Editorial & Photo Credit: Watercolor Magazine's website.

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Watercolor Magazine Publisher:

Interweave Press LLC

Interweave is one of the North American largest art and craft media companies. Interweave Press is focusing on magazine publishing, interactive and social media, directories, book publishing, television and video programming. We also produce several events for passionate art and craft enthusiasts.

Interweave Press LLC

Interweave Press LLC also publishes...

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The leading monthly magazine for representational and figurative artists.


Vital information from both historical artists and contemporary drawers fills every issue of this quarterly magazine.

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