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American Artist Magazine

American Artist Magazine

The leading monthly magazine for representational and figurative artists.

American Artist magazine titles were recently brought into the fold of the Interweave Press group, a unit of Aspire Media, which is one of the nation's largest craft media companies with businesses in magazine and book publishing, interactive media, broadcast programming, and events for art and craft enthusiasts.

We are devoted to the realism in art that our readers cherish, and we consider the artists we feature to be shining examples of excellence in their medium, whether oil paint, sculpture, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, graphite, printmaking, or charcoal.

Since 1937, American Artist has been a resource for artists seeking inspiration and instruction on improving their craft-a need we attend to in every section of the magazine. In addition to many step-by-step demonstrations in our feature articles, we provide two advice-based monthly departments: "Technical Page," a question-and-answer column in which our expert responds to readers' queries, and "Methods & Materials," an in-depth review of the topics that artists continually confront, such as painting on linen, manipulating texture, setting up a still life, and transporting artwork. We add to that with our regular features "The Watercolor Page" and "The Pastel Page," in which contemporary watercolorists and pastelists explain their working techniques. Rounding out the content are reviews of new art materials and current exhibitions, as well as the "Business & Professional Practices" segment, which covers such practicalities as gallery representation, portrait commissions, and juried exhibitions.

Editorial & Photo Credit: American Artist Magazine's website.

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American Artist Magazine Publisher:

Interweave Press LLC

Interweave is one of the North American largest art and craft media companies. Interweave Press is focusing on magazine publishing, interactive and social media, directories, book publishing, television and video programming. We also produce several events for passionate art and craft enthusiasts.

Interweave Press LLC

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