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KING Magazine

KING Magazine

The Illest Men's Magazine Eve

King is the leader in a small but growing market of magazines that cater primarily to young African-American men.

Published four times a year by Harris Publications, the illest menís magazine ever, delivers the most beautiful women in hip-hop, as well as the model and entertainment industries.

The magazine is mainly characterized by its lavish photoshoots, which usually feature scantily-clad women, often complete with an interview from the featured model. The subjects of these shoots range from professional models such as Melyssa Ford and Toccara to well-known musicians and actresses, including Trina, Keyshia Cole and Elise Neal.

King also features interviews from models and rappers.

Editorial & Photo Credit: KING Magazine's website.

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KING Magazine Publisher:

Harris Publications Inc.

Harris Publications is an American consumer-magazine publisher in New York City. Harris Publications publishes over 50 magazines and special-interest publications serving consumers and professionals in Fitness & Health, Quilting, Men's Interest, Guns & Knives and other markets.

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