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Here's how the listing process works:

Payment: The cost of STANDARD listing on AdSprouts is $249/year. Payments can be made with credit card (via PayPal) by clicking "Order Now" button below.

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Preparation: Complete our AdSprouts Publication Application form (MS Word, 230Kb). Note: If you wish to add multiple publications to our database, complete this application for each publication separately.

Download AdSprouts application form here (MS Word)

Submission: Email your COMPLETED application form to Adam Grey at You may also email marketing materials and documents that you feel will be helpful in creating your listing(s).

Timeline: AdSprouts research team will review your application. You will receive a reply within three (3) business days. You will have the opportunity to review your listing and make any revisions you require.

Qualification: We maintain a high quality database, so new listings are accepted on a limited basis. If our team feels that your business or publication is outside of AdSprouts expertise and scope we will decline the application and recommend other resources to you. Your entire payment will be immediately refunded in FULL.

Our Offers

Our Offers