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 Frequently Asked Questions

Magazine Publisher

Questions about your media kit?

AdSprouts was built to help publishers promote their publications and reach new advertisers.

We have several placement opportunities available in AdSprouts database. You can add your company and publications here. We also create custom traditional media kits for print and online publishers.

For any additional inquiries, please fill out the simple form below.

Magazine Advertiser

Questions about a publication?

We aim to help companies and agencies find advertising information for 2,591 publications in 148 consumer markets.

If you were unable to find the information you were looking for, please contact the magazine publisher DIRECTLY. If you are one of our registered members, you have the access to contact details for every publication.

You may choose to fill out the form below, but we may not have the details available.

Magazine Subscriber

Questions about your subscription?

Our site was built to help people connect with magazines in regards to advertisement placement.

We are unable to help you with your subscription inquiries. However we can recommend that you contact magazine Customer Service directly, by visiting the official magazine website.

You may choose to fill out the form below, but we have limited resources to review all requests or provide further guidance.