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Creative Crafts Group LLC

Creative Crafts Group LLC

CCG and New Track Media are, without a doubt, the most significant publisher of quilting, sewing, and scrapbooking magazines – all dedicated to improving the enjoyment of these activities for readers.

The foundation of the business is built on nine leading consumer magazine titles which are household names and market leaders providing content and community resources for scrapbooking, paper crafting, quilting and sewing.

Scrapbooking, quilting, and sewing are activities with life-affirming meaning for millions. These activities create beauty and joy. They generate lighthearted conversation, lovely solitude, connections between generations, bonds that lift souls. And we speak to the people engaged in these activities. In fact, we speak to them more than anyone else.

Creative Crafts Group LLC is a subsidiary of New Track Media LLC.

Source: Creative Crafts Group LLC website.

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Creative Crafts Group LLC Magazines & Media Kits

Quilting Magazines & Media Kits

McCall's Quick Quilts

McCALL'S QUICK QUILTS magazine offers easy-to-follow instructions and time-saving solutions for creating amazing quilts in no time.

McCall’s Quilting

Beautiful photos and expert instruction for over a dozen fully patterned quilts in every issue.

Quilters Newsletter

Quilters Newsletter brings you news and in-depth information about events and people from around the quilt world.

Quilter’s Home

For a Quilter's Creative Lifestyle


The quilts you want to make, we show you how! Fun. Whimsical. Traditional. Contemporary. Quilting motifs & plans. Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks.

Scrapbooking Magazines & Media Kits

Creating Keepsakes

Creating Keepsakes magazine is the leading magazine for inspiration and techniques for scrapbooking.

Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts showcases innovative ideas for creating handmade paper crafts.

Sewing Magazines & Media Kits

Creative Machine Embroidery

Creative Machine Embroidery is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to all things embroidery!

Sew News

Sew News magazine brings you inspiring projects for creating original fashions, accessories, gifts and home decor.


Sew it All is a magazine and a TV show on PBS.