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Florida Home Media LLC

Florida Home Media is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving Florida area.

Florida Home Media produces and operates Orlando Life, Sarasota and Biz941 magazines.

For 14 years, Orlando Life, formerly Orlando Home & Leisure has captured the vibrant spirit, style and natural beauty of Central Florida.

Sarasota Magazine brings you the best of beautiful Sarasota every month, covering the arts and entertainment, people, philanthropy, social life, dining, homes, design and real estate and the lifestyle that draws so many residents and visitors here.

Source: Florida Home Media LLC website.

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Florida Home Media LLC Magazines & Media Kits

Florida Magazines & Media Kits


Sarasota and Manatee counties' source for business news and events.

Orlando Life

Orlando Life covering everything that makes living in Central Florida special.


Sarasota's city magazine. The best of beautiful Sarasota, Florida.