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Citroen Wolf Publishing Group
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CW Publishing Group

CW Publishing Group

CW Publishing Group is an international publishing and marketing communications company, with offices based in London and New York.

Founded as Citroen Wolf Communications in London in 1997, CW Publishing Group expanded to New York City in 2003. We have a long history of producing award winning magazines and specialty publications both here in the United States and throughout Europe.

Our nationally distributed magazines focus on health, wellness, parenting, sports and entertainment. Our clients and marketing partners have included some of the most well known and largest companies and consumer brands in the world.

Source: CW Publishing Group website.

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CW Publishing Group Magazines & Media Kits

Ready, Set, Grow

Valuable resource in helping your kids establish healthy habits early on.

Take Charge!

Living With, Preventing & Stopping Diabetes

You & Your Family

We educate expectant and new parents on pregnancy, fitness and nutrition, labor and birth and family and financial matters.