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Whitaker Publishing LLC

Whitaker Publishing LLC is an regional consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving southwest Missouri area. Whitaker Publishing produces and operates 417, 417 Home and 417 Bride magazines.

The flagship publication, 417 Magazine serves more than 120,000 readers in southwest Missouri with lifestyle information that helps them live the best lives possible in this corner of the world. Our award-winning coverage of the arts, dining fashion and travel is complemented by personality profiles of the most interesting people who call 417-land home.

Source: Whitaker Publishing LLC website.

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Whitaker Publishing LLC Magazines & Media Kits


The ultimate guide to the good life in southwest Missouri.

417 Bride

417 Bride is a one stop shop for brides in southwest Missouri.

417 Home

The ultimate guide to interior design, decorating and remodeling in southwest Missouri.