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Conde Nast Russia

Conde Nast Russia

Conde Nast holds 20% share of advertising market among all glossy publications (in 2009 this figure reached 21%). Its total monthly Moscow audience (Vogue, GQ, AD, Glamour) exceeds 600,000 readers and its readership coverage in Russia (Vogue, GQ, Glamour) is close to 3m. The aggregate circulation of all Condé Nast Russian editions has reached 1,230,000 copies.

Conde Nast publications have won numerous professional awards. In 2009 Glamour was called ‘The Year’s Leader in Sales among Printed Media’ in the category “Publications for Women”.

Source: Conde Nast Russia website.

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Conde Nast Russia Magazines & Media Kits

AD (Architectural Digest) Russia

Architectural Digest: the most beautiful houses in the world

Conde Nast Traveller Russia

Conde Nast Traveller is a permanent inspiration for those who travel a lot and it's also a practical manual that can be used as a travel guide.

Glamour Russia

Glamour is much more then just a monthly magazine. It's a liable guide into current life for modern Russian girls.

GQ Russia

Gentlemen's Quarterly: look sharp, live smart

Tatlet Russia

Legendary magazine about high life and fashion

Vogue Russia

Before it's in Fashion it's in VOGUE