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Life Time Fitness Inc

Life Time Fitness Inc

Life Time Fitness Media connects you with our members and non-members across multiple media platforms. Our print division includes our award-winning magazine, Experience Life. Our in-club media features LTF Vision, digital signage, posters and banners.

Vibrant in-club communities like our Run Club, group fitness classes and yoga groups allow companies to get even closer through sponsorship and sampling. Our world-renowned athletic events provide numerous creative sponsor activation opportunities. Other marketing opportunities include Member Advantage, our exclusive cost-savings price club, and our online communities.

Our members don't just workout, they live healthy lifestyles. They are a young, active and affluent group who cares about their health, fitness and family. Even more impressive, they enjoy our facilities more than 65 million times per year.

Source: Life Time Fitness Inc website.

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Life Time Fitness Inc Magazines & Media Kits

Experience Life

The Whole-Life Health and Fitness Magazine we believe being healthy is a revolutionary act.