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SDM LLC is an American regional consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving San Diego area. SDM LLC produces and operates San Diego Magazine and Exquisite Weddings Magazine.

Since 1948, San Diego Magazine has been building one of the most desirable audiences you will find anywhere, through award-winning editorial, paid targeted circulation and an influential and affluent readership all within a 4 color glossy format. With opportunities in print, online, email newsletters, social media and events, San Diego Magazine is dedicated to connecting your product or service with our readers across all marketing channels.

Exquisite Weddings was launched in 2007 by San Diego Magazine, a leading brand in the San Diego market. In five years, we have garnered a reputation as the most engaging, innovative and upscale local bridal publication. Exquisite Weddings is published twice a year by San Diego Magazine in April and October. Distributed throughout Southern California, Exquisite Weddings is the ultimate guide for newly engaged couples in the earliest stages of planning.

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Exquisite Weddings

San Diego's luxury wedding bridal publication.

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