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Dwell Media LLC

Dwell Media LLC

Dwell Media is an American publishing and media company devoted to modern architecture and design. Exploring architecture and design in the modern world.

Dwell Media has been a champion and purveyor of good design for over 10 years. Our strength is in identifying and exploring design concepts that are idea-driven, modern, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings. Our success lies with helping our community foster their own understanding of design principles and how it can transform lives. Through a rapidly expanding offering of media platforms, Dwell inspires its community with smart and thoughtful ideas for modern living.

Dwell Media serves a community of Design Seekers, savvy consumers and professionals passionate about design and purposeful in their pursuit of it. They put their trust in Dwell to show them the path.

Source: Dwell Media LLC website.

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Dwell Media LLC Magazines & Media Kits


At Home in the Modern World. Dwell is the authority on modern design and architecture.