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Complex Media Inc

Complex Media Inc

Complex Media is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company that produces and operates several entertainment, sports and lifestyle media properties. Complex Media is the premier multi-media platform for the most influential young male consumers.

This discerning audience is driven by style, music, sneakers, sports, games, gear and girls. Complex Media initially reaches these ahead-of-trend influencers through its uniquely credible, authentic viewpoint and is further amplified by its unparalleled social influence.

At the center of the Complex Media platform, our flagship site,, thrives as the online incarnation of the influential Complex Magazine. Proven the voice of the people that matter Complex has become the go-to resource for the people that matter in an ever-evolving lifestyle.

Other Complex Media brands are carefully selected and curated to maintain the perfect balance of innovative content and editorial integrity, allowing us to initiate highly engaging and deeply sustained conversations with our target the product and style oriented, influential male.

Source: Complex Media Inc website.

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Complex Media Inc Magazines & Media Kits


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