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Associated Publications Inc

Associated Publications Inc

Associated Publications is the publisher of some of the very best-selling women’s magazines in the world today. Contemporary Media For Women With Style.

We are dedicated to excellent journalism, contemporary design and award-winning color reproduction. Our publications feature some of today’s most exciting writers and celebrated photographers.

Love of magazines and producing a value product is the core of our Philosophy. Our mission is and always has been to produce the finest magazines that not only inform but celebrate today’s new woman…magazines that are a true value in the evolving marketplace and in the respected world of print.

Associated Publications, Inc., has millions of readers who come to our pages to be to be engaged in exciting visuals and informative and entertaining words.

Source: Associated Publications Inc website.

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Associated Publications Inc Magazines & Media Kits

Sophisticate’s Black Hair

Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles And Care Guide is the #1 best-selling Black hair and beauty magazine in the world.

Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide

Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide is celebrating more than 30 years as the #1 best -selling hair magazine in the world.