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The Northside Media Group is a regional consumer magazine publisher and media company serving Brooklyn and Manhattan. The the company started with The L Magazine in 2003.

Our first massive event took place in 2006, with SummerScreen in McCarren Park, which Rolling Stone magazine called “The coolest venue in the country”. We began Northside Festival in 2009. It has grown to over 80,000 attendees in 2012. The Northside Festival was nationally broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Brooklyn has become an international adjective meaning "What's next." The Northside Media Group mission is to define and showcase that adjective through media, digital and large-scale events.

Source: Northside Media Group website.

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Northside Media Group Magazines & Media Kits


BAMbill is a program guide of Brooklyn Academy of Music.


Quarterly lifestyle publication in Brooklyn.

L, The

The L Magazine is a dynamic, comprehensive and free city guide for young New Yorkers.