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Victory Media Inc.

Victory Media Inc.

Victory Media's global media brands enjoin the military community of troops, veterans and their family members with content targeted to unique needs at critical military life stages. Victory Media owns and operates five global brands: G.I. Jobs, G.I. Education, NaVOBA, Vetrepreneur and Military Spouse.

Through continuous research, our product development team strives to stay on the leading edge of military community issues. This mantra ensures the production of targeted media products, filled with original and user-generated content, which are widely consumed and influential within military circles.

Victory Media's brands operate in the print (magazine), interactive and event mediums. Victory Media's brands have been the source of countless media coverage and its employees, as experts in their field, are called upon to speak on military and veteran related issues.

Source: Victory Media Inc. website.

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Victory Media Inc. Magazines & Media Kits

G.I. Jobs

G.I. Jobs magazine is the premier publication for military transitioners.

Military Spouse

Military Spouse is a monthly full color, glossy magazine that addresses the unique needs and interests of over 1.1 million military spouses.


Vetrepreneur magazine is the only national publication in the country dedicated exclusively to covering the veteran-owned business movement.