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Worldwide Electronic Publishing Inc , WUV Publications Inc
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Enoble Media Group

Enoble Media Group

Enoble Media Group is a 40 year old national leader of urban, technical and woman's magazines.

The company currently publishes 13 magazines including Handheld Computing, Digital Camera, BlackMen, SSX, Today's Black Woman, Hit Parader and Word Up.

MAG Inc! Is the exclusive publishers rep for Enoble Media – the publishing company that has been producing niche magazines for over two decades. The Mitchell Advertising Group has over 25 years of advertising sales experience. Our business plan and approach has created success stories on the newsstand such as Word Up!, Hype Hair, Today’s Black Woman, Braids and Beauty, and more.

Source: Enoble Media Group website.

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Enoble Media Group Magazines & Media Kits

Black Men

Black Men magazine is a lifestyle magazine for today's African-American male.

Hype Hair

Welcome to the official twitter page for Hype Hair Magazine, the biggest hair magazine for women of color!

Teen Dream

Teen Dream covers what’s hot in the world of music, TV and film for girls 10-14.

Today's Black Woman

Today's Black Woman is currently the best and only magazine entirely focused on wonderful style options for women of color.

Word Up!

Word Up! magazine covers what's phat and fresh in the world of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

Tattoo Magazines & Media Kits

Rebel Ink

Ink & Attitude... The tattoo magazine that takes ink to the extreme!

Skin & Ink

The Premier tattoo magazine in the U.S. covering today's tattoo fanciers.


Tattoo Models & Tattoo Magazine.

Urban Ink

Urban Ink is The Only Tattoo Magazine for People of Color.