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ALARM Press is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company that publishes books and magazines on music and design. ALARM Press produces and operates ALARM and Design Bureau magazines. Since 1995, we have uncovered groundbreaking artists and designers, and have engaged in inspiring dialogue with our readers.

In 1995, publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Force founded ALARM Press to share young, contemporary bands with the world outside the independent music scene. Fifteen years later, Force acted on his passion for edgy, gritty design and launched Design Bureau magazine.

Like ALARM Magazine, Design Bureau strives to support designers working across all fields and aims to inspire dialogue on innovative design. ALARM's passion in discovering exceptional musicians and designers is shared by its tireless cast of contributors. With their help, ALARM Press books and magazines can now be found around the world.

Source: ALARM Press website.

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ALARM Press Magazines & Media Kits


Rock-'n'-roll culture for the modern music fanatic.

Design Bureau

Design Bureau magazine delivers an honest and inspirational global dialogue on design from diverse disciplines and points of view.