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True Renditions LLC

True Renditions is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company that produces and operates True Story and True Confessions magazines - the world's largest and best-selling women's romance magazines.

True Story and True Confessions offer true-to-life stories of triumph, that women relate to.

Since 1919, the iconic True Story has been an extraordinary publication. The magazine gets its inspiration from the hearts and minds of women, and touches on those things in life that a woman holds close to their heart, like love, loss, family, and friendship. True Confessions, a cherished classic first published in 1922, looks into women's souls and reveals their deepest secrets.

Source: True Renditions LLC website.

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True Renditions LLC Magazines & Media Kits

True Confessions

True Confessions is focused less on romance and more on relationships.

True Story

The first of the confessions genre, True Story is the world’s largest and best selling women’s romance magazine.